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Pastor's and staff members don't leave their "manhood" at the door when they surrender to ministry. Read what other ministers are struggling with.

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Men Living Up Radio provides straight talk, honest answers, and Christian music for men that reaches into men's souls and challenges them to become dedicated followers of Christ resulting in them becoming better sons, husbands, and fathers.

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• Educate yourself on today's most challenging topics and receive tools and ministry outlines that can help men build real and relevant relationships with other men. (Porn and sex addiction is real and it is affecting Christian men and the "Church.")

• Learn how to launch an effective men's ministry that tackles today's most relevant issues for men. (Marriage, work, relationships, addictions to pornography, gambling, and more.)

• Experience accountability group building techniques that will change men's lives.

• Take home tools for changing current and future generations of men.

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Jerry Wright is a minister, author, and business leader and also serves as a speaker and venue moderator at one of America’s largest Christian men’s gatherings at Falls Creek’s “Rewired.” He is the founder, editor, and publisher of “Men Living Up,” a resource for the most challenging issues for today’s men. Resources include seminars, workshops, website, blog, and free podcasts on ITunes®. Jerry recently launched Men Living Up RADIO, with Internet broadcasted programming designed specifically for men. Jerry resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and can be contacted through his website at

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(*Due to the mature topics, workshops are open to men 18 years and older. We conduct workshops for youth groups, but we do require parental consent for those attending.)

Christian Men & Pornography

Have you figured out yet that you have a target on your back? Christian men are falling prey to one of the greatest traps of the last 2,000 years; pornography.

Research shows that Christian men are even more susceptible to pornography due to the added guilt and shame associated with its use.

(My Father's Stash, 2013)

If you have been viewing porn and struggling with stopping your viewing, you might be addicted and not even know it. You know what the Bible says about lust and this has even caused you to doubt whether or not you truly are a Christian. You are not alone! Millions of Christian men have the same struggles.

If you would like to find a way to win the battle follow these simple steps:

1. Tell your Pastor or other trusted spiritual leader.

2. Follow James 5:16 (Tell someone your struggles.)

3. Find an accountability partner.

4. Find a counselor that specializes in sex addiction and schedule an appointment.

You will find every reason in the world not to do this... If you could have stopped on your own, you would have done so by now.

Call our hotline at 405-413-9157 for help.

Pastors & Pornography

Why would we think that Pastors are not dealing with the addictive nature of porn?

50% of all Christian men and 40% of all Pastors are addicted to pornography.

source: ChristiaNet poll 2006

If you are a pastor and need confidential help in dealing with a pornography addiction or sexual secrets, then contact us at Men Living Up. We will treat you with respect, dignity, and grace, and show you a path to healing in a safe, confidential way.

Call our confidential hotline and get the help you need. TALK TO A FELLOW MINISTER WHO HAS BEEN THERE!

Call our confidential Pastor's Hotline at 405-413-9157

You cannot defeat this alone.

We all have friends, seminary classmates, or pastors in our own town who have fallen. Healines fill the news of the latest fallen pastor. We've all said, "it will never happen to me." Get some help now before it's too late!

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For the latest helpful and thoughtful articles and discussions, visit the Men Living Up BLOG.

BOOKS: My Father's Stash

My Fathers Stash

A review from one reader:

I just finished reading this book. I found myself thinking that is so true about the comment that no one really wants to discuss sex/pornography yet it is all over the media and in our face on a daily basis. I have a son and three grandsons and I strongly feel that parents should discuss sex and the dangers of pornography with their children. Secondly, the church needs to bring the topic to the pulpit and encourage parents to talk to their children about the dangers. It is sad when an innocent child cannot even type in the word, white house for a book report without getting into garbage on the internet. Jerry writes with brutal honesty about a topic that is hard to comprehend. After reading the book, I can see where it can be addicting and the seed is planted at an early age in our society. This is a must read for everyone.

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Protect yourself and your family!

Don't let the Porn Industry enter an open window and capture your family. Protect them with Internet Filtering and Blocking Software. Here are a few we recommend.





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