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Pastor's and staff members don't leave their "manhood" at the door when they surrender to ministry. Read what other ministers are struggling with.

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33 The Series - Authentic Manhood

Discover God's design for men with a clear definition and inspiring vision of Authentic Manhood.


Discover a life-changing video teaching hosted by experienced leaders in the field of men's ministry. Men Living Up is sponsoring new groups that are forming now in the Oklahoma City area. Contact the number above to enroll in this exciting, insightful material based upon the 33 years that Jesus Christ walked this Earth.


Multiply ministry in your church and reach men like never before. Men want high quality, "worth their time" material. The six series lessons cover all of the bases for men to become spiritual leaders in their homes, their churches, and their communities.


The 33 Series includes new insightful teaching, inspiring testimonies, expert interviews and multiple creative features. As a man experiences the different volumes of 33, he will find himself building a vision for Authentic Manhood in his own life that is built on the gospel of Jesus Christ and was modeled by Him in His 33 years on earth.