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“If you need help winning the battle with pornography addiction, then you need to read, My Father's Stash.

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Here's and excerpt from pp. 69,70 desribing the power of the brain chemistry and addiction...

When I’m asked how strong sex addiction is, I refer to the brain chemistry. Understanding that my brain had been rewired by the thousands and thousands of images helped me understand the mechanics of my behavior. I began to understand how masturbation and orgasm had been the needle in my arm reinforcing every sexual act. My brain had been altered to crave the images, the excitement, and the lure of each secret encounter. With each bout of depression, anxiety, frustration and fear, I would need another “fix” to find internal brain chemical balance.

How strong is this connection in my brain? Think of it this way... each time a person acts upon a sexual impulse or views pornography, a new pathway...or let’s call it, a single thread, is created for the neuro-chemicals of pleasure to be released in our brain pleasure center. Masturbation links the thread to the pleasure center. Every time that a similar behavior is repeated, a new thread is added to this tunnel. The old one is still there but new paths are constantly added. With every repeated behavior, the bundle of threads build upon themselves and bond together. After days, weeks, and years of repeated behavior, you no longer have a single thread to your pleasure center, you have a tightly wound, extremely strong cable that easily leads you to inappropriate behavior. The worst part of this extremely strong cable is that it is so strong that it overtakes thoughts, feelings, emotions, and rationale. This bundled cable to your pleasure center is almost impossible to break because it reroutes normal thinking and causes you to be impaired in your thinking. Understanding the brain chemistry also enlightened me on how to create new healthy pathways that would prevent me from relapsing and repeating the pattern of guilt and shame that I had learned so well. Rewiring your brain is possible!

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