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Porn to Purity (Jeff & Marsha Fisher)
Our world fell apart in 2007 when Jeff’s secret addiction to porn was discovered. We lost our ministry, our church, and for a time, our purpose. Our entire family suffered from the consequences of his sexual addiction. From shock to fear to brokenness to hope, we have experienced it all. During this journey God, who is able to make all things new, has led us to the road of recovery, healing and restoration.

Dirty Girls Ministries, Helping Women Overcome Pornography Addiction
Dirty Girls Ministries is a Christian anti-pornography ministry created to help women struggling with pornography addiction. Founded by author and speaker Crystal Renaud in February of 2009, Dirty Girls Ministries launched as a marketing and research website about women and pornography addiction. In less than one week, over 300 women participated in surveys as part of this anecdotal research. But as traffic to our website continued to soar and emails flooded in—we began to notice a movement among women and the Church, a desire to break the silence encircling pornography addiction.

Into the Light Ministries, Into the Light Ministries reaches out offering help and hope to men, women and families in churches across America who find themselves caught up in pornography’s path of destruction.
Committed to providing Christ centered resources and services to help families within the church protect their children and themselves from the destructiveness of pornography.

AVENUE...paving the way to help, hope and healing from sexual brokenness, AVENUE...paving the way to help, hope and healing from sexual brokenness


Special Projects

Scratching the Surface Project
Scratching the Surface is an independent film initiative aimed at connecting people with key champions from the battlefront against pornography. Director Francois Driessen and his team engages important topics that arises from the saturation of pornography within our culture and the church, and allows the audience to actively participate in the the filmmaking process via social media.


Recovery Resources

Intensive Recovery

6 months of counseling in just 3 days

Dr. Vicki Harris Wyatt leads an intensive counseling program for marriages affected by infidelity or sex addiction

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

Free Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Rehab

6-month faith-based program

The Wyatt Group

Counseling services for:

counseling & parenting
sexual addictions
anger management
individual & family assessments
ADD & ADHD evaluation & therapy
alcolhol & drug assessments (DUI assessments)

National Directory for 12-Step Programs

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)
P.O. Box 70949
Houston, TX 77270
(713) 869-4902

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)
P.O. Box 111910
Nashville, TN 37222-1910
(615) 311-6230

Sexual Compulsiveness Anonymous (SCA)
Old Chelsea Station,
P.O. Box 1585
New York, NY 10013-0935
(310) 859-5585

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)
P.O. Box 650010
West Newton, MA 02165-0010
(781) 255-8825

S-Anon/S-Ateen International Family Groups
P.O. Box 11242
Nashville, TN 37222-1242
(615) 833-3152

Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA)
P.O. Box 11872
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 830-2600

Co-Sex Addicts Anonymous (COSA) National Services
(763) 537-6904

Co-Dependents of Sex Addicts
(612) 537-6904

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Box 459 Grand
Central Station
NYC, NY 10163
(212) 870-3400

1600 Corporate Landing Pkwy
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
(800) 344-2666

(Al-Anon) (757) 563-1600


Families Anonymous
P.O. Box 3475
Culver City, CA 90231-3475
(310) 815-8010
(800) 736-9805

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)
P.O. Box 3216
Torrance, CA 90510
(310) 534-1815

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA)
P.O. Box 670861
Dallas, TX 75367-0861
(602) 277-7991
(706) 648-6868

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
P.O. Box 9999
Van Nuys, CA 91409
(818) 773-9999

Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
(800) 347-8998
CoAnon Website:

Marijuana Anonymous
(212) 459-4423

Pills Anonymous
P.O. Box 772
Bronx, NY 10451
(212) 847-0770

Debtors Anonymous (DA)
P.O. Box 888
Needham, MA 02492-0009
(781) 453-2743
(212) 969-8111

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
P.O. Box 17173
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 386-8789

Overeaters Anonymous (OA)
6075 Zenith Court
Rio Rancho, NM 87174
(505) 891-2664

Emotions Anonymous (EA)

Survivors of Incest Anonymous (SIA)
P.O. Box 21817
Baltimore, MD 21222
(410) 282-3400

Incest Survivors Anonymous (ISA)
P.O. Box 17245
Long Beach CA 90807

Other Resources:

Sexual Addiction Resources/ Dr. Patrick Carnes

National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity
(770) 989-9754

National Council for Couple and Family Recovery
(314) 997-9808

Recovery Online

Runaway and Suicide Hotline
(800) 621-4000

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