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Porn Sunday

What do you do on the Monday after your very first porn Sunday?

God seems to be moving more and more churches to conduct a porn Sunday service. While we are extremely excited and thankful about churches finally recognizing the need to start talking about the destructiveness and influence that pornography is having in our churches and our society, there are definitely some “best practices” that should be carefully considered. The main consideration is “what do you do on the Monday after your very first porn Sunday.”

One of our Directors at Men Living Up, Inc. is constantly reminding us of what Matthew 12: 43-45 says;

43) “When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44) Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. 45) Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that man is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.” (NIV)

Bringing the topic of pornography into the light, is telling Satan that you are ready for a battle! Are you? Are you really prepared for the fight? Are you ready, willing, and able to help individuals and families for the rest of their lives?

You should recognize that this is a long-term battle... before you enter the battle field. This is something that must be taken seriously and with a great deal of preparation and prayer.

Men Living Up, Inc. can help you in developing a long-term strategy to be effective in this battle. Here are some basics:

1. Take time to educate yourself and your team about what is really going on as it relates to the “church” and pornography use.
2. Make sure your Pastor and staff are completely behind the porn Sunday service. This is not a gentle nod, because “the Pastor wants to do it,” but a realization and committment that this must be addressed together, now, for the future of your church.
3. Make sure you have a team of men and women who are willing to participate in leading a ministry to help men and women who are trapped by this secret sin. No judgemental people allowed. They must love the people right where they are.
4. Spend more time on the “after” service than the porn Sunday service. The key is to have a “safe place” for people to get help.
5. Survey your church. While not every Pastor will be willing to do this, it is a great way to see the problem as it truly is. To get an honest survey, you have to conduct the survey where everyone will feel that their answers will be completely confidential. Here’s one way to conduct the survey: At the end of your normal service, ask the ladies to leave the sanctuary so that the men can take the survey. Have them spread out, fill out the survey, and place them in a box where noone can see their answers. Repeat the process the following week by dismissing the men and have the women take the same survey. (Don’t forget to include your youth, ages 16 and up.) Tally the answers and prepare to share the results on porn Sunday. There’s nothing like hearing your own statistics. Note: If you’ve conducted the survey right, you’ll probably fit pretty close to the national averages.
6. The message for the porn Sunday service must include the message that there is “hope, love, and acceptance” for anyone struggling. To be most effective, a testimony or real life story should be a part of the service. People respond to people who have “lived it!”
7. Don’t ask or expect people to confess their secret sin in the public service. Provide “safe” small groups within a week of the service where facilitators begin the process by telling their own story. You might even create a submission form on your web site where people can anonymously share their story. (This is part of that pre-planning.)
8. Create continuity. This will be a life-long battle for many men and women. Don’t treat this as another bullet point on a list of things to cover. This ministry must continue for as long as people breathe. Again, if this scares you, don’t start!
9. TELL THE STORIES! As men and women are freed from their bondage, encourage them to share their stories. They can either write them out and submit them anonymously, or for the ones who have the freedom and permission from their spouse, they can share their story in future follow up porn Sunday services. The stories motivate others to seek help. The realization that other people have some of the same problems, encourages people who are struggling to seek help. Seeing the “church” forgive, love, and accept people, in spite of their faults, draws people outside of the “church” to the “church.”

If we can help you with your planning, please contact us at: editor@menlivingup.org. If you need someone to share their story during your service, our founder, Jerry Wright, is available to come to your location. Our prayer is that more people will have safe places to fight the battle with a group of loving, caring people.

There are people in your church struggling right now. They are simply waiting to find out they are not alone and that someone will love and accept them in spite of their secret sins.

We have a great deal of resources to help with your porn Sunday service.

Contact us to help you develop a plan to win the battle in your church. ❖