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Men vs. Women

why is there such a battle?

Men Living Up...It seems women can pull topics out of thin air. Men’s and women’s thinking patterns and thought processes are totally different. (You’re thinking to yourself...Duh!) I had it explained to me in a way that I finally can wrap my pea-sized, male brain around. This explanation really helped me understand the root of most of my communication problems with the women in my life.

Think of the male brain as a large room. In this male brain room there are many other partitioned rooms. When we as men think, we go into a room for that particular thought, we close the door behind us, and sit there peacefully in our recliner and think thoughts that are in this particular room. If we’re thinking about a problem at work, this is all we think about. If we begin to have another thought, we get up from our “comfy” recliner, open the door and enter the next room containing the topic for the new thought. We promptly close the door, leaving the problem at work in the other room, and sit in our recliner and think through the new thought. Pretty simple explanation, but I think you get the idea. Seems pretty straight-forward to us guys. It’s organized, efficient and logical.

A Laptop Computer

Women’s brains are wired quite differently. When you enter the woman’s brain there is only one room. There are no walls, no ceiling, no floors. Inside of this one room is every thought and feeling they have ever experienced. Women have total access to all of these thoughts and feelings all of the time, day or night, instantaneously. They don’t have any doors that they can close to allow them to put away their distractions.

To us guys, this seems quite filled with clutter. We like things to be categorized, organized and efficient in our minds. One thing at a time for us. Because all things experienced in their lives “are in the room,” they can pull up anything at any time. For example, remember that little argument over her birthday that happened 5 years ago,? For her when she runs across that thought in her wide open room, it is still just as fresh as if it happened today. (So you were wondering why she keeps bringing that back up.) For us men, we put that memory back in a special room, with a warning sign on the door, “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.” We throw away the key hoping to never visit that room again.

It’s important as men that we recognize this difference and help the women in our lives when they have something pop back up, especially if it is a bad memory. Listen, show genuine concern, and ask her how it makes her feel. Resist the urge to fix her problem!

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